Nest Natter: Skylarks, what’s new?


So as we all know we have had our share of ups and downs, as any business does. We have been registered for 18 months, yay! But in that time, we have talked about, designed, made, talked about some more, redesigned and finally completed cockpots. We have also had to postpone our launch because of a few teething problems and have completely changed our product range, from cockpots to home and gift ware (very cute home and gift ware I might add) but completely different to cockpots. This is the short version, no need to bore you with the details but the point being, we all have trials and tribulations to go through before perfecting the end result.

All of this sounds like a lot of hassle, but if everything had gone smoothly to this point, we’d have been the luckiest company in the world. There is not a company in the world that has had it easy and if anything it adds confidence to our abilities, to learn we must first make mistakes. I guess this post is more just to check in and update you all on what’s going on. We will have cockpots at some point in the future, do not rule us out, you will be given plenty of notice and we will certainly update you when we have news, but for now we have sourced some delightful bits, especially good for stocking fillers this Christmas. So take a trip to and take advantage of the fact that you don’t have to drag yourself to the shops in the cold, wet weather and delivery is free. Not only do you get to have us do your shopping for you but you don’t even have to pay for it to get to you. Who can resist that? Log in, fill your basket and we will deliver it straight to your door, saving you from sore feet and wet clothes. Searching for skylarks love to help their flockers.