Nest Natter: Engagement

Recently we’ve done quite a few topical blogs and we do love them, actually they are fascinating, but we are a business and so we wanted to take it back to basics and write something about business advice. Mainly, regarding engagement via social media.

We have written several items about social media and the benefits it holds for businesses. But what about when it is not working as well for you as you would hope?

Lately, we have noticed a serious dip in the amount of people seeing our posts on Facebook. We are going from lots seeing our ecards/memes/funnies and topical posts, things not specifically about Skylarks, to a maximum of 11 seeing our blog, product and website posts. People are not able to see our business related posts. Why?

At first we thought people just didn’t like certain posts which is fine, people have the right to choose. But that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Anybody who has a business page, can see that you don’t have to have likes or comments on a post for someone to see it. We then considered that the likes we had, had hidden us from their news feed (please don’t do this, we only want you like us if you want to see our posts). This is another theory that doesn’t make sense because of the reach on our other posts.

So we started asking for and receiving feedback from flockers. Flockers like our Facebook, follow us on twitter and on Pinterest. Therefore they clearly like our pages and want to see our posts, you don’t like something you don’t want to see. The feedback we were getting would suggest that they can’t actually see what we do or who we are. The only posts that are being seen are the funny and topical ones. So we did ourselves some research and it turns out that Facebook isn’t always as helpful as we may think. It is clear they are in charge but when we set up our page we did not see that advertising was not actually ‘optional’.

Why are we bringing this to your attention?

There is no need to rush for your purse there is something you can do. Also be aware that even if your posts are firing on all cylinders now, you will probably find in a while that you will start experiencing something similar. Vary your posts, keep it so you are not ‘spamming’ with just your business. Obviously the point of a business page is promotion but nobody appreciates ‘spam’ and neither does Facebook. Encourage your flockers to speak up when they see something they like, by liking. commenting and especially sharing as many of the posts that they enjoy as possible. Do this by adding different topics, humour, sharing other peoples posts etc. Find common areas that have relevance to your business and post direct business items in between.

We hope this is useful and stops you worrying about your posts.