Nest Natter: Online Boutique


Hello lovely ladies and gents,

As you will have noticed on social media we have recently launched our Online Boutique.

In true Skylarks fashion, we are writing this blog to tell you what’s occurring.

Cockpots are not gone, they are just not here yet. We are so grateful to everyone who was and is involved in Cockpots and do not want to disappoint you. They will be available over the next few months and will keep all of our fabulous followers up to date.

In the mean time we have been off in search of some simply fabulous items, to fill our boutique with. Playful Elegance is our game and we aim to bring fun and glamour to all of our Flocker’s lives. We know how important it is to feel special and we want to be the ones who help you to feel great or make a friend feel fabulous. With loads of different items to choose from we know that you will find something that takes your fancy. Also expect lots of puns, wherever possible, it’s all part of the flocking fun! Let’s not forget the extra special part, we are offering free delivery on everything until the 24th of August so head over to take advantage of low prices and free delivery.

We have divided all of the bits into 3 sections to make things as easy as possible for you:

We urge you to Treat Yourself with a token of appreciation for yourself because frankly you rock and absolutely deserve it. Share The Love with your friends and family and show them exactly how much they mean to you and finally live luxuriously with our Luxurious Living products!

Take a look around and you can also enjoy the usual #Callitaweek cocktail recipes, Nest Natter blogs, topical or business realted (such as this one) and some Funnies from the Flock, where you send us your favourite ecards – flocker, skylarks or cocktail related.

Here are just some of the things you can find in our Boutique.

photo 1 - Copy (4)

We ‘Moustache’ you to place your drinks down carefully with these hilarious novelty coasters (4 coasters per pack)

photo 5 - Copy (2)

BOOM, ZAP, POW! excellent scatter cushions, on trend with the comic patterns we are seeing around so we just had to get involved.

photo 1 - Copy (6)

A very cute trinket tin, somewhere to put ‘owl’ of your bits and bobs! 🙂 We do love a pun.

photo 5 - Copyphoto 2 - Copy (6)

This super stylish feminine bow tie, I love to wear mine to a meeting instead of a necklace, so much for professional and let’s be honest it’s pretty sexy.

photo 4 - Copy (3)

Need a new wallet? Look no further than our sixties meets naughties wallet, big enough to fit all of your neseccaries yet small enough to fit in all bags and large clutches.

photo 3 - Copy (3)

Love this bottle opener, different from the usual boring metal ones, this chirpy chap is the perfect gift to take to a party or give as a small gift.

photo 1 - Copy (3)photo 2 - Copy (3)photo 3 - Copy (2)photo

And personalise any gift with our quaint gift tags, four colours to choose from!

This is a very small sample of our simply fabulous items. Have a look around, browse and enjoy.


Nest Natter: Dieting – Who do we really want to change for?

dieting blog pic

Recently, we initiated a discussion on Facebook about dieting.

The reason we wanted to discuss it with our flockers is because, usually, as soon as summer hits we all start to panic about the way we look. Size, weight, even skin tone and everyone stars taking drastic measures to change all of these things. From crash diets ‘lose 15 stone in a day’ to quote Peter Kay to inch loss treatments and sun beds, all of which we are told over and over again are bad for us, but then the media shows perfectly tanned, toned bodies everywhere.

This year was no exception for me personally. I am by no means overweight but I am the biggest I have ever been and that made me panic. I love food, which is mostly the issue but being a bridesmaid with size 8-10s made me feel very uncomfortable about being in forever pics looking like the elephant of the group. It was personal choice, for me, no crash dieting or unhealthy decisions, just eat healthy foods, home cook and follow the ‘acti-diet’ flexi plan where I have two of their sachets a day with one of my own meals, plus 3 litres of water a day and lost a stone. Therefore, this prompted me to ask how other people feel about their weight and dieting.

The answers to this question were pleasantly surprising. It seems that instead of dieting in an extreme way, people have almost calmed down and are now choosing to eat less fatty and sugary foods for themselves, to feel healthier, have more energy and shed a few unwanted pounds as opposed to be stones. Which is not only a healthier way to lose weight and live but it is a much healthier attitude and mind set.

‘For me personally, I like to enjoy what I eat, as I’m a real foodie, but occasionally I recognise something that is unhealthy or I’ve gotten into a bad habit and I’ll cut it out. I generally love healthy wholefoods, and when I’m organised with my shopping, my diet is great. I will sometimes go back to a no wheat, no meat and a no dairy diet. I personally don’t believe in hardcore diets unless someone is happier on them because happiness is the most important thing in life.’ – Fabulous Flocker Charlie.

‘I’ve been following a low carb high fat protein diet for years and lost loads of weight. Size 8/10 for a long time. Now been naughty and been off it a while I’ve put weight on, although people say I haven’t, I know! It’s not really about diet, because I ate very well on my regime :)’ – Fabulous Flocker Julia

‘Im only trying to lose weight because it effecting my mobility a little and i dont want it to get worse, as for what others think of me, i’m past caring  I am me take me or leave me .’  and the wonderful Sharon.

It is so reassuring to see that people want to be healthy for themselves and their families, not because society tells them it is the ‘best’ way to be. It is refreshing that we are also seeing plus sized models, although I am not sure I would agree that a size 12 is plus size, however there are sizes 14, 16, 18, 20 coming onto the scene now which is more my style and I much prefer to see such rather than a ‘size zero’ skeleton who just need a good home cooked meal. I do believe that society still has flaws when it comes to how we are all expected to view ourselves and each other but we have definitely come a long way in the past couple of years and let’s hope this new ‘I am me and that is fabulous’ attitude is the one that prevails.

Thank you for your wonderful input Flockers and keep up the wonderful work.