Nest Natter: If it were easy, how would we learn?

We are always learning, especially with searching for skylarks. 
We launched cockpots at pulse this month, as many if you know and as it was our first trade show we weren’t sure what to expect so we did the research, read books, asked people and business we knew who’d had experience and prepare from that. This meant, to some extent, we went in as rookies, and although we tried to have everything prepared and ready for customers, we could only assume that what we had done was right.
Whilst we were there we met lots of experienced businesses, and the response was overwhelming, everybody loves Cockpots. Nobody had seen anything like it and the majority of people who came to our stand, some had sought us out, took away further information and listed their interest in cockpots – yay! But there were some things we could improve on. Since pulse we have been talking to more and more people and businesses and it is very clear to us that business and life aren’t easy but if it were how would we learn? However, to our delight, all feedback we have received is positive and things we can absolutely work with to improve on.
So to the end, what feedback have you received recently? Home or work? Can you work with it or is it a lifestyle change? Don’t be afraid of criticism, positive or negative, hold your head high and be grateful that someone took the time to think of you and communicate with you. It’s much better to know.