Nothin’ but a good time!

Here at Skylarks nest, we truly try not to sweat the small stuff. We have a simple dream: a want to enjoy our lives and our jobs, and want to inspire our flockers to live their dreams as well. Nowhere … Continue reading

Keep calm and take time for yourself


Good afternoon Flockers.

We are two months in to the new year and this has been the busiest time we have had so far. We talk to businesses on a daily basis and they agree, it is a busy time for all.

In the nest we have been working hard to complete our website, ensuring it is to the highest quality so you lovely Flockers can place pre-orders for your simply fabulous Cockpots™ in the not too distant future. We have also been working on promotional items, we would like to announce that The Cockpot will be featuring in Your County Wedding Magazine, specifically Your South Wales Wedding magazine, get your e-copy next month! This is very exciting.

To please our fabulous Flockers we have spent a lot of time working on a Facebook campaign which will be gracing your news feeds very soon. As well as all of this we have been completing lots of other bits and bobs and although this is all fun it can be very tiring and having spoken to some of you we know we are not the only ones. To help you to relax and de-stress we have compiled a list of tips that we have tried and tested over the busy periods, some of these may seem like common sense but when you are busy you do not always remember to take care of yourself. Tell us if they help you.

  1. Firstly, don’t work all day and night – set yourself working hours, or an amount of hours in a day. You don’t have to work from 6am to the following 1am, it is not necessary, the world will not stop turning if you cut yourself some slack and start at a reasonable hour such as 8am or 9am and finish at 6pm. This is perfectly reasonable and nobody should expect any different. If you cannot fulfil these hours perhaps because you have children or other commitments, take the hours and stop at 3, pick up an hour or two when the children are asleep. Work to your lifestyle, you won’t do yourself any favours by being sleep deprived.
  2. Ensure you have time to reconnect with your family members or friends- Socialising is important, this doesn’t mean leaving the house, especially if you just feel like introverting after a long hard day. Talk to whoever you live with. Your family and friends are equally as important as your work. Without them you would find yourself to be very lonely so order everyone a take away or make everyone a cup of tea and just sit with them for a while, you don’t have to make hours of conversation just take the time to download yours and their days, there is no sense in keeping everything to yourself. If you live alone why not phone someone? Facetime? Skype? Or even just a text. Just make sure you keep in touch. You’ll feel much better knowing you have someone to share your day with.
  3. Wind down properly – turn off your work and give yourself at least an hour before bed to do something you enjoy, why not run a bath? Play a game? Read your favourite book? Put on a film and pour yourself a stiff one? Your brain needs to rest so that you can be fresh for the next day and ready to work again. Relaxing is the key.
  4. Finally, here are some tips to ensure your sleep is as peaceful as possible- Perhaps you have trouble getting to sleep because you can’t switch off, this is why winding down is so important. Sleepy teas are brilliant, my personal favourite is Clippers ‘snore and peace’ Lavender, lemon balm and chamomile – it smells like a spa.

Before bed give your face a wash or have a shower, wash off the day and be all warm and refreshed, put your comfiest pyjamas on and slip into bed.

If you have some moisturiser you like treat yourself to an at-home facial, wash your face or wipe it down with some cleanser and toner and dab on some of your favourite cream, it’ll make you feel that little bit more special.

Why not try a hot water bottle, it is very comforting, especially at this time of year and get yourself an eye mask to shut out the various lights of night time.

If these don’t work pop to your local health food store or chemist and look at the natural remedies for restlessness, some people are satisfied with a relaxing scented room spray or find some drops you can put on your tongue such as rescue remedy or similar. There are lots of solutions and no need for medicines.

If you are a light sleeper and hear every noise going, go out and buy some ear plugs! simple yet effective. For those afraid they’ll miss their alarm with ear plugs in, just put one in, sleep on the side without an ear plug and turn up your alarm. Your pillow will cancel out the other noises so you can drift off but you’ll still hear your alarm when it goes off.

Have trouble getting to or stay asleep? Either because you can’t switch off, try lighting a relaxing lavender candle an hour before bed, when in bed take 6 deep breaths and turn your mind off, it is that easy. If you are uncomfortable, add pillows and blankets to wherever you ache.

We hope these work as well for you as they have for us,

Rest and sleep well Flockers, you need your energy for all of the Cockpot™ parties you’ll be enjoying

Your life: a dictatorship, not a democracy.

Your life: a dictatorship, not a democracy

Your life: a dictatorship, not a democracy

Evening flockers! How was your weekend? Ours was great, we took some time out after a busy weekend and spent it reconnecting with our friends and family! They’re all super excited for the imminent release of the first ever Cockpot™!

We also finally edged towards the gym that we paid for way back in January with the best of intentions. (Yes, we know we wrote about making decisions, not resolutions but c’mon! Treadmills are boring! And scary. And hurt.)

To help us get over that initial sensation of all our muscles being replaced with toasted marshmallows, we made a playlist of all the motivational speeches that YouTube could provide – and one of them really resonated.

He talked about the power of being unreasonable. When in pursuit of a goal that you are incredibly, indelibly passionate about, being unreasonable is a strength that you must draw on. Be unreasonable with the demands you place on yourself, and on your business, and on the goal itself.

Things will get hard. You are literally making changes to the world; and in general, resistance to change is a built in reflex. When you are in that corner, be unreasonable. To help, here’s a script we put together!

Brain: Go on, give up. It’ll never work, you’ve never done this before and it’s very risky.

Self: No. Go away.

Brain: oh go on, it’s late, you’re tired and oh look, Marley and me is on! We love that film, let’s get some popcorn on and quit.

Self: No. Go away.

Brain: people are laughing at you and making jokes about how badly you’re gonna fail. If you stop now, it won’t be so bad.

Self: No. Go away.

Brain: but why?


In today’s world, there is often a lot of focus on the process of thinking, of making decisions and planning everything to the nth degree. What about when there is no reasonable point to your goal, but you just want it so badly? That’s your intuition screaming at you that you’re on to a good thing and should keep going! Seriously, don’t underestimate the power of that baby! And when you have that feeling, don’t be afraid to be unreasonable!

Our lovely Flocker, Kate Larkin, sums it up when she says of her life ‘it’s a dictatorship, not a democracy.’