A day in the life of….

We all gathered here at the nest on Friday and Saturday, for our biggest task yet – establishing our supply chain! We created a list of contacts, and set ourselves deadlines. Then came exciting news; our email addresses were configured, officially making us skylarks!
Now these were done, we were able to start our market research (which many of you answered – thank you!) to determine popularity and viability, asking questions about the name, the price, the designs and accessories etc. We were ready to begin the journey of the Cockpot™! As you can imagine feathers were flying as there was much excitement in the nest as our dreams were becoming a reality, the Cockpot was and is go, go, go!
This meeting was much longer and intense than my narrative of it, lasting a total of 10 hours over two days. It’s a well known fact that any start up requires a huge amount of commitment and energy, as well as support from friends and family. Here at Skylarks, we’re no less committed or energised, but it sure helped when we finished the meeting off with ordering pizza and watching Sex and the City!
We’re well on our way – 2014 is set to be ‘The year of the Cockpot™’ (in quotation marks because I said it, not someone famous.. Yet!)



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