Feedback is an opportunity – embrace it!


What’s in a name?
Ok – let’s talk about our beloved Cockpot’s name.
It all started one evening long ago. Cocktail hour had started – it was a nest favourite, peach schnapps, apple juice and lemonade. They were going down well, maybe a little too well…the trips to the bar were seeming all too frequent when I spied my underused teapot sitting there all innocuous. A deviant lightbulb switched on in my head! Why not mix the drink and serve it from a teapot? A teapot without tea is a pot, put a cocktail in and you have a . . .
That night, the forefather of all Cockpots was born and the rest, as they say, is history!

It has caused some issues along the way, this was one of the first responses we received when we were conducting market research.

“I think that you should change the name. Sounds like a good idea, but not with that name: seriously, you know what I’m thinking so reread your own post: ‘there is absolutely a gap for it and we are so excited about filling it’ then from your description in the survey: ‘have a stiff one’. Honestly????”


What’s in a name? Quite a lot, really.
Being truthful, this feedback ruffled our feathers. We thought it over, again and again and then we decided to take this feedback as a learning opportunity. In a startup, or indeed any organisation, feedback is communication from customers and is always valuable. The ability to ‘reframe’ a situation is a core piece of the adaptability that all successful start ups must have.
As a result we decided that, although our name would not change, our tag line did. Although it made us laugh, ‘pour yourself a stiff one’ was giving the wrong brand image and was ultimately running the risk of damaging our product. We understood that combined with our name it did give a risque impression and this is not at all what our brand or product is, we are playful and elegant!
We thank people for giving us feedback because without it, we would not be able to improve.

What’s the best piece of feedback you’ve ever been given?


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