And we’re off!


So there’s been much excitement in the nest this week with getting ready for our social media debut! We’ve been blogging, pinning and planning content to delight and amuse you, so we hope you enjoy. There’s nothing we like more than chatting to you lovely people, so we’ve made ourselves as available as possible on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, and YouTube is a work in progress. Please feel free to get in contact and let us know what you like and what you’d like to know!
We’ll be posting content on social media throughout the week to celebrate our launch, please show your support by liking and sharing our pages – have a go at a re-pin or a retweet if you could, it makes us feel special 🙂
We’ll be posting blogs at least twice a week, one around what we’re doing and one to share our thoughts as we start a business and navigate the learning curve! If you have an idea for a blog topic, please message us or email 🙂
Thanks for reading, we hope to see more of you as we journey on!


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